Copper Snakeskin Collection

The Copper Snakeskin Collection

Fabric Blend: 27% Spandex, 73% Polyester

This blend is a lightweight fabric that is breathable, elastic, absorbent, and anti-pilling.

♡ Our first set is a pattern you know and love, snakeskin! 

♡ Our leggings feature side pockets and NO middle seam! We also customized the waistband with a "V-stitch" design (instead of the square straight-lined waistband these are usually produced in). 

♡ Our sports bra features crisscross back straps, a high compression waistband to hug and secure your upper waistline, double-layered in the front for your convenience, along with pre-cut discrete openings on the inside with included removable support pads.