About Us

Welcome to Peachtails Apparel!
This brand was created by Jennifer (@jennelectric on Instagram). We "opened" our electronic online doors in August of 2021.
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Jennifer's Career Story: "After graduating with my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (minors in Physics and Nuclear Engineering), I went straight to work as a Quality Engineer for Raytheon Missile Systems. There, I eventually became the lead Quality Engineer for the Javelin Joint-Venture Program (with Lockheed Martin), and had actually also joined the Army Reserves while working on this program as well! The soldiers that came before us to testify how the Javelin Missile saved their lives inspired me enough to take the plunge and fulfill my dream to serve our country.

Little known fact—Since I had already joined the Army Reserves while on the Javelin Missile Program as the Lead Quality Engineer (in 2016), I had to become certified on the launch sequence test (or 'BIT' aka Built-In-Test, the same functional test they perform in the field) which actually coincidentally allowed me to become the first Woman in the United States Army that was Javelin Missile Qualified on the Weapon System! 

This was one of few "glass ceilings" I have enjoyed breaking for Women. Since then, I went on to become a Quality Engineer on several other Air Warfare Missile Programs, then a Test Engineer, and a Value Stream Manager. 

In 2019 I decided to do something new: I went full-time into Electrical Engineering which I had discovered was one of my passions, and enrolled in the Masters of Engineering (Electrical Engineering, MSE) Program through ASU Online.

I had also started working for a NASA contractor on Space Satellites as a Test Operations Engineer.

As of 2020, I am now an Electrical Hardware Design Engineer and have already had the pleasure of watching one of the Satellites I was heavily involved with (Landsat 9) launch into Space! Cool fact #2: The Landsat 9 satellite actually has a plaque with my name engraved on it, so my name is literally now in Space! 

Thus far, I have since been in the Aerospace & Defense Industry my entire Engineering career. This is an industry that’s always been male-dominated, so the Women’s Empowerment mission has always been essential for me!”

Now that my efforts have been launched into Space, thus Empowering our Nation and our capabilities—I want to help push that message out even further, especially for other Women with sky high dreams!

Despite it seeming like I may have it all together, that is definitely not the case! I actually have trouble with things that do not involve career growth or deep learning, more so along the lines of being Social! Yes, Autism in it’s “common” form—an adult you would not think is Autistic! 

Being Autistic I have always found it extremely difficult to “find a tribe” of Women that I could trust had my best interest in mind, that I could rely on, and not have to feel pressured or socially awkward with (especially knowing I have autism and apparent traits come around here and there). I have not found my place in any group that already exist, especially being so overly involved in so many things, which is another reason why I wanted to start Peachtails and our community! 

We don’t have to have much in common, in fact, the main purpose I’d like to center this community around is simply Women who want to do more, that want to do better, and want to overall BE more!

Lead by example: There’s a lot of companies out there that thrive on the Women’s Empowerment movement, however, I don’t see a lot of action taking place, in fact, most of the time I see Women around me putting themselves down simply because they feel like they are not good enough to be featured or represent a company, and that needs to stop.

With Peachtails, I do not want to host such exclusive social media clubs, instead I want to empower our supporters and customers by giving back directly to them (free apparel and giveaways to EVERYONE in our community) and hearing/sharing their stories!

We also plan to launch a private community in 2022 where customers can come together in a safe space, AWAY from social media, and discuss topics freely, even provide educational resources on not just Fitness and Nutrition, but also Mental Health, or even starting your own business! We may be a small business, but we have big dreams for this community— We need your help to do just that though!

At Peachtails Apparel, our new mission is to Empower hard working Women alike. As an Electrical Design Engineer facing trying timelines at work, it has thus created a nominal time for physical & mental fitness. As a United States Army Veteran, I also know physical & mental fitness is essential to mission success. 

Our Mission:

Peachtails Apparel is setting out to redefine the Women empowerment movement with luxury & eloquence embodied within its fashionable collections. Combining workplace fashion with premium luxury activewear, we want to offer hard working women with difficult timelines the economy of motion and confidence— to go from their place of work to their place of fitness, while feeling empowered.

✨Join us on our journey to redefine Women's Empowerment!✨