Let's Get COZY - Size Guides:

The image is an advertisement for Peachtails Athleisure Crewnecks, with the text "Let's Get Cozy" and flavor names "Cinnamon" and "Vanilla Bean." Two crewneck sweaters are displayed, one atop the other. Below is a size chart listing bust, top length, and sleeve length for sizes small, medium, and large, with reference sizes ranging from 6 to 12.
The image features an ad for Peachtails Athleisure Peekaboo Crop Hoodie with the slogan "Let's Get Cozy." Displayed is a light heather grey crop hoodie with a deep cut neckline and hood. A size chart is included with measurements for bust, top length, sleeve length, and hood neckline to crescent height for small, medium, and large sizes.
The image is a promotional graphic for Peachtails Athleisure Unisex Fleece Joggers, captioned "Let's Get Cozy." It showcases a pair of light mocha fleece joggers. Below the image is a sizing chart detailing waistband width, pant length, and middle seam length for sizes small to x-large, with a reference size guide ranging from 0-8.
  • The image displays a Peachtails "Let's Get Cozy" ad for a peekaboo crop hoodie in heather grey. It highlights the "Lux Fleece" material, plastic cover drawstring caps, and an embroidered detail with 500 stitches and reinforced back pocking on the left sleeve.
  • The image is an advertisement for Peachtails Athleisure Crewnecks in "Cinnamon" and "Vanilla Bean" colors. It features images of two crewneck sweaters, one in a cinnamon color, the other in vanilla. Details include a material blend of mostly cotton with a touch of elastane for a textured design, and segmented ribbing for lasting retention and unique puff sleeves. The Peachtails logo is also shown.
  • The image is an advertisement for Peachtails Athleisure Light Mocha Fleece Joggers with the tagline "Let's Get Cozy." It features the joggers with deep lined pockets, heavy-weight material blend, thick cuff shell, and plastic cap drawstrings. The Peachtails logo and segmented ribbing for lasting retention are also showcased.
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  • The image displays a set of athleisure wear: a heather grey crop hoodie with a hood, a tan sports bra with multiple straps, and matching light mocha joggers. The pieces are laid out separately against a white background to showcase their design and color.
  • The image shows a collection of women's clothing laid out on a white background: a cinnamon-colored crewneck sweater with puffed sleeves, a dark burgundy sports bra, and black joggers with lace detailing along the sides. The arrangement highlights the garments' colors and styles.
  • The image features a laid-out ensemble of athleisure wear against a white backdrop, consisting of a vanilla bean-colored crewneck sweater, a mustard sports bra, and brown joggers. Each piece is showcased to emphasize its color and design.
  • The image shows a collection of athleisure wear with a heather grey crop hoodie, a tan sports bra with a strappy back, and blue joggers. The items are displayed separately against a white background, highlighting the design and color of each piece.
  • The image shows a set of women's athleisure clothing laid out against a white background, featuring a vanilla bean-colored crewneck sweater, a light blue sports tank top, and periwinkle blue joggers with elastic cuffs. Each piece is placed to showcase its design and fit.
  • The image features a cinnamon-colored crewneck sweater, a sports bra with a crisscross back in a matching camo-like pattern, and leggings with the same design. The leggings and bra have metallic accents, and the clothing is displayed against a white background.
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