Here you can find some of the INSPO that helped me bring our collections to life!

Each collection is curated around a center theme, and each piece, down to the color, fits the collection theme.

  • The image is a crumpled paper background with the words "something sweet peachtails coming soon" arranged in an arch. "Peachtails" is in the center in larger pink letters. Surrounding the text are colorful drawings of fruits and ice pops, including blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and more. At the bottom, the text is in bold pink, announcing an upcoming event or product. The copyright statement at the bottom attributes it to Peachtails© and Silverlakits Apparel Inc.
  • The image shows a bathrobe with a pattern of colorful fruits and ice pops against a light background. The word "peachtails" in lowercase pink script is overlaid at the center. Fruit illustrations and ice pops in vibrant colors float around the robe. The robe is a kimono style with a tie waist. A copyright notice for "Peachtails©" and "Silverlakits Apparel Inc." is at the bottom, indicating a branded product.
  • The image features a light-colored bathrobe with a fruit and ice pop pattern displayed on a patterned background. The name "peachtails" is printed across the back in bold, pink, cursive letters. Surrounding the robe are playful drawings of various fruits and ice pops in bright, cheerful colors. The design suggests a fun, casual style, and the robe appears soft and comfortable. A copyright statement at the bottom attributes the design to Peachtails© and Silverlakits Apparel Inc.
  • The image displays a collection of bathrobes with the 'peachtails' logo, set against a crinkled pastel background with fruit and ice pop illustrations. The main robe is front and center with two smaller images of the same robe on either side. Each robe features a playful pattern of colorful fruits. The word "peachtails" is prominently displayed in a large, pink script in the middle of the image. The design is whimsical and lively, suggestive of a fun and comfortable clothing line.
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  • The image is a creative mood board for "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" by PEACHTAILS DESIGN LAB. It includes sketches of professional attire, fabric swatches in earthy and teal tones, and actual clothing items like a tank top. There are also design tools such as pens and color palettes, alongside notes and branding elements, all arranged in a visually appealing collage that suggests a sophisticated and coordinated office wear collection.
  • The image presents a collage for "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" featuring the "ONYX TRENCH COAT" from PEACHTAILS. It includes a photo of a woman wearing the trench coat, a sketch of the coat design, and a PEACHTAILS garment tag, suggesting a stylish and contemporary approach to professional wear. The design elements and the coat itself are predominantly black, exuding elegance and sophistication.
  • The image features "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" collection, showcasing the "AFTER HOURS DOLMAN SHAWL." It includes a woman modeling the shawl, which has a loose, flowing design for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. There is also a sketch of the shawl's design next to it, illustrating its draped style. The attire conveys a transition from professional day wear to a comfortable evening look, with the shawl as a versatile piece.
  • The image is a promotional collage for "THE OFFICE CAPSULE," featuring the "INK HIGH STAKES TANK." There are two photos of a woman wearing the black tank top, one highlighting the front and one the back, which has a unique cut-out design. Accompanying the images are sketches of the tank top, giving a detailed view of its design. The garment is presented as a versatile piece that can transition from office to after-hours social settings.
  • The image showcases a part of "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" collection, highlighting the "NEW MONEY HIGH STAKES CROP TANK" in a teal color. It features multiple images of a woman modeling the tank top from different angles, with a focus on the fit and design. One image displays the back of the tank top with "Peachtails" written across it, indicating the brand. There are also sketches of the tank top that give a clear view of its stylish cut.
  • This image is part of "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" collection, featuring the "SKYPE DAYDREAM CROP TANK." It shows a woman in various poses wearing the sleeveless, blue crop top, paired with a black blazer and beige trousers. The top has a snug fit and racerback style, highlighted by the rear view where "Peachtails" is branded along the back. The collage includes a flat design of the crop tank, indicating it's a versatile piece for professional and casual looks.
  • This image is a creative display for "THE OFFICE CAPSULE" dated "4/01/23." It shows a design workspace with fabric samples, sketches of office attire, and color palettes scattered around. There are also three different colored tank tops presented, each laying flat, which likely are part of the office wear collection. The arrangement suggests a process of fashion design, with a focus on planning and selecting materials for professional clothing.
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  • The image features the phrase "LET'S GET cozy" in bold, white lettering over a background showing a woman wearing a textured sweater. The word "cozy" is stylized in cursive, emphasizing comfort and warmth. The woman's face is not fully visible, focusing the viewer's attention on the text and the idea of coziness the sweater suggests. The lighting is warm, adding to the inviting atmosphere of the image.
  • The image captures the back of a woman wearing a cozy, pink sweater with the words "LET'S GET cozy" in large, white cursive text overlaying the photo. The sweater's texture is visible, suggesting softness and warmth. In the top left corner, the word "peachtails" is scripted in a smaller, delicate font. The lighting and composition of the photo convey a comfortable and snug atmosphere, inviting the viewer to embrace the concept of getting cozy.
  • The image shows a close-up of someone wearing beige, cozy joggers with the word "peachtails" embroidered on them. Below, the phrase "LET'S GET cozy" in white cursive lettering overlays the image. The person is also wearing cream-colored sneakers with a red heart design. The focus on the soft joggers and comfortable footwear emphasizes a relaxed and comfortable style, inviting the viewer to enjoy a cozy experience.
  • The image features a woman pulling the hood of a light grey hoodie over her head, with the phrase "LET'S GET cozy" in white cursive lettering across the image. Her gaze is directed towards the camera, with a relaxed and comfortable expression that matches the cozy theme suggested by the hoodie and the overlaid text. The intimate and warm atmosphere of the photo invites viewers to embrace comfort and relaxation.
  • The image is a collage showcasing PEACHTAILS clothing. It features "Light Mocha Fleece Joggers" and a "Cozy Peekaboo Crop Hoodie." The collage includes a woman wearing the joggers and hoodie, exuding a relaxed and comfortable style. Another photo shows a woman in a cozy setting with a knit blanket, reinforcing the comfortable theme. At the bottom, the PEACHTAILS logo is followed by the slogan "LET'S GET Cozy," uniting the images into a cohesive and inviting loungewear promotion.
  • The image is a promotional collage for PEACHTAILS, announcing "Our Latest New Era Issue Drop is here." The background is cluttered with VIP cards, clothing tags, a hanger holding a textured peach sweater, and various PEACHTAILS branded items. At the bottom, the clothing pieces from the new issue are displayed: a beige sweater, a peach hoodie, and a pair of beige pants. The collage creates a sense of excitement and exclusivity for the new clothing release.
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  • The image displays a design template for an ornate tag, labeled "OUTER TAG" on the top and "INSIDE" at the bottom. The front features "Peachtails THE VAULT COLLECTION" with a key motif in gold, and the back has space for a ribbon opening. There's an embossed detail around the edges. When unfolded, the inside reveals a message: "Where there is love, there is life. You are loved beyond measure. Here's to celebrating new memories. XOXO" with additional embossed detailing.
  • The image features an ethereal blue-toned backdrop with a translucent overlay that reads "Peachtails THE VAULT COLLECTION." It has a central message "Luxury in the details," in elegant cursive script, followed by a smaller caption "RESERVED FOR ONLY A SELECT FEW" at the bottom, suggesting exclusivity and high-end quality. The overall effect is one of sophistication and exclusivity, implying a special offering from the brand.
  • The image is a collage for "Peachtails VAULT," featuring a central ornate oval frame with the brand name surrounded by a festive floral arrangement. Behind the frame is a grid of muted photographs showing various fashion pieces from the collection, including tops, bottoms, and a person wearing the attire. The design has a seasonal, celebratory feel, possibly indicating a holiday collection or a special edition release from Peachtails.
  • The image showcases a vibrant blue women's blazer and matching shorts from the "Peachtails VAULT" collection. The ensemble is superimposed on a soft, dreamy background with clouds and a classic architecture motif. Above the outfit, in a flowing script, it reads "Looking like," and below, "a Dream," framing the clothing in the center. The Peachtails logo is delicately placed over the blazer, suggesting a blend of style and fantasy in the design.
  • The image features a plastic-wrapped Peachtails clothing item with a visible label through the packaging. The label invites viewers to "take a look INSIDE OUR STYLE LOOKBOOK" in stylish, bold lettering. It details the item as part of "The Vault Collection VIVIANA KNIT" in size L/XL. Below, there's a barcode with "The Vault Collection" written underneath. The label assures that the garment must be tried on to fully appreciate its design and encourages wearing it with confidence.
  • The image is a promotional piece for Peachtails, featuring a part of a woman in a pink knit garment through plastic packaging, with the words "take a look INSIDE OUR STYLE LOOKBOOK" in large, semi-transparent letters across. To the left, there's a set of ring-bound Peachtails documents, and below the text is a Peachtails business card and what appears to be a fabric swatch or miniaturized T-shirt. It creates an impression of a fashion brand's marketing materials, exuding a sense of style and sophistication.
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