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Onyx Jogger Jacket (S-L)

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Fall in Love - Onyx Jogger Zip-Up Jacket

Material Blend: 82% Nylon, 18% Lycra
Official Lycra tag supplied and attached to jacket


- Zipper Side Pockets

- High neck design (can be folded down or zipped all the way up with zipper)

- Contour-Seaming design that both accentuates and elongates the figure

- Long Arm length, will not fit you arms short! Also features thumb holes!

Stay comfy and prepared for your next intensive workout. This is the perfect transition into Fall jacket to carry everywhere with you as we get accustomed to the new cooler Fall weather!

This is the highest quality material in a lightweight jogger jacket on the market at this price! Moisture-wicking. Four-way stretch.

Made in China. Purchased and supplied to us by a USA based Vendor. 

Wash Instructions

Proper Laundry Care:

❀ Always wash this set Inside/Out

❀ We always recommend utilizing Intimate Garment Bags to place our activewear in.

❀ Wash COLD / DELICATE Cycle

❀ Do NOT use fabric softener, or colored/scented laundry detergent. Avoid using clorox (even for colors)- Only spot treat stains prior.

❀ Tumble dry LOW no more than 15 minutes or Hang Dry.

We only recommend using clear, liquid form, hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Other detergents are likely to alter the material properties of the fabric


++ These items are best suited for light to moderate impact workouts. Casual wear or Weightlifting ready!