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Summer Sunset - Midnight Shorts

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Summer Sunset - Midnight Shorts

Material Blend: 78% Nylon, 22% Elastane

Introducing the Summer Sunset Midnight Shorts, a perfect blend of functionality, sleek design, and buttery soft-to-touch fabric. Constructed from a superior nylon elastane fabric blend, these shorts offer an exquisite balance of flexibility and form, hugging the body for a secure, yet non-restrictive fit. The rich midnight shade embodies a classic aesthetic that pairs effortlessly with any top for a variety of looks, from casual to sporty. The thoughtful design features a high-rise waistband that smooths and supports, while discreet pockets offer practicality without compromising the shorts' streamlined profile. Engineered with a focus on movement, the fabric's moisture-wicking properties keep you cool and dry during intense workouts or warm summer days. These shorts are an essential addition to any active wardrobe, providing the ultimate in comfort and style for the active on-the-go high performing woman.


Favorite Features

-- No middle line stitch running down the mid portion of the shorts

- Waistband stitching V-Shape for a flattering and more comfortable fit


- Bottom of shorts has a seam-line/stitching to stay in place (no rolling up)

- No top seam/stitch on top of waistband (can fold-over if desired)  

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